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Are you interested in a career in modern B2B sales? Sebastian LindströmSales Team Lead in our Stockholm office, describes his time with Vainu here and gives you many valuable tips for how you can also succeed in sales.

I joined Vainu five months ago, excited and hungry to succeed. I’d received a good introduction to the B2B sales world at my previous employer, where I’d learned the importance of being systematic and having great activity metrics. I also got to know this company there, as I was using Vainu daily as my go-to prospecting tool.

When I joined the company, my expectations were high. We started with a Boot Camp week, where I was brought up to speed through what some might call information overload. By the time we got to Friday’s company happy hour, I was exhausted yet satisfied. Colleagues had flown over from Stockholm as well, and it was critical we all understood the company vision and practicalities asap.

I was quickly noticing that Vainu was exceeding all expectations.

I fell in love with the company culture and was inspired by the new colleagues: nowhere have I seen such a young team combined with expertise, passion and a hands-on approach, not to mention the social skills of the team.

On my second week I started booking meetings for myself. Now, five months later, I’ve been to 146 of my own in addition to those of others. During my time at Vainu, I’ve expanded my understanding of Big Data and its meaning and benefits to companies. I’ve learned to use various technologies in my daily work. I’ve learned what metrics a SaaS company revolves around and what the key factors are for succeeding in those metrics.

But, most importantly, I’ve been a part of a hypergrowth startup and seen what it takes to succeed in the business. The experiences I’ve gained at Vainu are invaluable to the challenges ahead.

In addition, my sales skills have developed thanks to both our training and development, and through all the discussions with prospects, and even clients: two in the first month, six the next, and tens thereafter.

Tomorrow afternoon I will move to Stockholm. I’ll be a part of our Swedish operations, leading a sales team in a growing market for the company. The job I applied for read ”Business Development Manager with international opportunities”, and the path I’ve had the priviledge to travel has reflected just that. What shocked me the most was that the opportunity opened up only months after my start, as it also did for Dani, Pirkko and Johannes. It’s great to be a part of a company where hard work pays off (and quickly).

Now to Sweden where new opportunities await!

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