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At Vainu, Systems Engineers have two different roles: they are the cornerstones who keep services up and running smoothly and gently provide advice when someone manages to run a monster query. But when the dark comes, they transform into bold experimentalists who seek and try out new technologies and figure out better ways to make systems as fast, foolproof, safe and automated as possible.

As a Systems Engineer at Vainu, we expect you to make our cloud environments better by developing the ways they are set up, monitored and maintained. You are also expected to contribute – at least to moderate extent – in how databases are structured and queried. In general, Vainu is a search engine with myriads of data, so by optimising 1) the uptime and 2) response times you’ll make a significant impact on our users.


  • Improve the availability, speed and security of Vainu’s services by either innovating new or optimizing existing architecture and technologies being used.
  • Actively seek best practices, research applicable technologies and pilot the most potential ones. 
  • Make the Infrastructure Team’s work as easy as possible by developing the monitoring systems and automating maintenance processes.


  • Years of experience in a Systems Engineer role.
  • Passion for computers.
  • Strong interest in problem-solving and optimization challenges.
  • Expert knowledge of Linux, Kubernetes and Docker.
  • Proficiency in Python.
  • Good knowledge of major cloud providers (especially AWS).
  • Good knowledge of MongoDB and database clustering.
  • Knowledge of automated configuration management (e.g. Ansible)
  • Knowledge of technical information security solutions.
  • Fluent in Finnish or English.

About Vainu 

Vainu is the home of company data and the best friend of a 2020’s salesperson. We collect and organize all the open company-related data in the world. Then we refine it and create new, insightful data points. Such that you first did not realize you know, but that are discoverable by mixing up enough weird facts. 

For example: a company needs a new low-emission car for its new area manager. Or that a company is going to get a new office.

Our customers are very diverse businesses in need of company data. Many of them consume the data via Vainu's web application. There are over 200 million companies in our database and the product is being built in Kallio, Helsinki.

Wondering if you’d like it here?

Vainu’s tech team is a compact, non-bureaucratic unit with diverse skills and backgrounds. Teams have a lot of freedom in finding out the most impactful ways of helping our users. Since we try to keep away from silos, many people have developed skills outside their original tasks and have taken responsibilities they didn’t dare to imagine on their first day. 

The tech team has a reputation for having supportive colleagues so you will be provided with both intangible and technical tools you need to succeed. As a member of a fairly small team, you are also expected to take/grow to a level where you are able to make independent decisions.

Since we want to get things done, we always try to work smartly and keep our users and the real-life goals in mind before slamming our hands on the keyboard. If you are attracted to understanding the real problems, willing to learn, eager to use your creativity in discovering the best solutions and comfortable with taking responsibility for your (and maybe even other’s) work, then you’ll most likely thrive at Vainu.

Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!


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Perks & Benefits

At Vainu, you can experience a challenging and exciting career at a fast pace. To be precise:

  • Best teammates in cool offices in great locations

    Highly ambitious and driven people in Helsinki, New York, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Tampere, Oslo and Copenhagen!

  • Competitive salary without upper limit on bonuses

    It's only up to you how much you will learn and earn!

  • Opportunities for fast rotations and secondments

    With rapid growth, new roles are popping up. Deliver, show enthusiasm and bring energy and you'll be there fast. A lot of people started as a Business Development Manager and are now working in completely different roles. Even our CFO Sami has a background in Sales!

  • Steep learning curve to fast track your career

    Vainu Academy, Blacksmith and Bootcamps are all events and training that will give you the best possible resources and training in order to give you the right tools to succeed.

Already working at Vainu.io?

Let’s recruit together and find your next colleague.

  • Anne Liiri
  • Emil Westrin
  • Iiro Lamppu
  • Jenny Berglund
  • Johannes Wellmann
  • Juho Kunttu
  • Kaarlo Matero
  • Lauri Heiliö
  • Liisa Hanni
  • Mikko Honkanen

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